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Undiscovered House is a first-person, story-based horror game. The game evokes a grim atmosphere, a sense of dread, and tension. Players solve mild puzzles and find and use keys. They find supplies for a flashlight and experience jump scares. Discover the gruesome secrets of the house.

It’s late in the evening on a dark, quiet forest road. A man travels home after work and suddenly has an accident due to a strange creature’s sudden appearance on the road. His car is irreparably wrecked, so he seeks help and finds his way straight into the house. Strange events begin to unfold there, and he explores the mysteries of the scary house from which he can find no way back.

Thank you all for videos, follows and suggestions. Appreciate it. This helps a lot to make this game better!

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This game contains flashing lights that may make it unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions. Player discretion is advised.


Undiscovered House Demo v 2.0.01.zip

Install instructions

Extract the .zip files to a folder of your choice and run the executable.

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I had a l lot of fun and little jumpscare playing this game. Good job devs. If you have future games  i definitely play your games. Btw, below's my gameplay.


I just played and recorded this game for my channel, and it's simply amazing! I need to share my experience with you all! The suspense and eerie atmosphere kept me hooked from beginning to end. The realistic graphics and immersive sound effects gave me goosebumps. I recorded all of this for my channel, and I'm excited to share this adventure with you all! Come check out my video. I'm sure you'll love the engaging story and the moments of pure fright.

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Awesome game I really enjoyed it thank u so much love the storyline its phenomenal so well done 👍🙂 chapter 1, 2 and 3 demo

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now i pass the chapter 2.

alright i passed the chapter 3. when i open the toilet door, it scared me.Then my heart beat faster.nice play.

Very good game, runs very smoothly on Android, thank you for developing the game. I just passed the chapter 1.

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Esta demo debo decirlo con sinceridad, es aburrida. Recoges objetos que casi no te serviran en un momento y me costo un mundo encontrar la lintera :)- además de que tiene pesima iluminación, y no es una oscuridad que de miedo. NO, es una oscuridad que literalmente no ves NADA.  tuve que reiniciar el juego 2 veces porque me quede atrapada en la oscuridad y eso arruina la experiencia del jugador. Además de los cliches gigantes que hay en todo esto. Casa abandonada, fantasma Y LOS JUMPSCARES MAL USADOS, este juego abusa de los jumpscares y no presentan ninguna clase de amenaza. Lo convierte aburrido además de que no hay absolutamente nada en esta demo. Solo puedo resumir esto en:" encontrar objetos, recargar linterna, jumpscares de fantasma". Y ya esta- no hay nada más. Este juego tiene un muy lindo diseño pero además de eso en mi opinión la demo es lenta y aburrida. No se como sera el juego pero si es asi, no le encuentro muy buena impresión. Lo unico que pido es que el tema de la iluminación la mejoren y usen mejor los jumpscares, además de que atrape más al jugador. No tiene que ser una trama compleja, con que atrape al jugador esta más que perfecto y la critica mia de este juego mejoraria mucho más. Pero ignorando el tema de la iluminación y los jumpscares no hay nada más, solo encontrar objetos y no hay un conflicto que resolver, lo que lo hace aburrido. Asi de simple.

Mi calificación a este juego es 5.8/10

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This demo caught my eye, as a fan of indie horror games.  I had a lot of fun playing this spooky demo and just posted my LP of this game to my YouTube channel.  Feel free to stop by any time, we would love to see you there.


From Brazil - Rio de Janeiro here. I played on my channel. Very nice! :)

My gameplay.

I just noticed the full version is out lol I'll have to check that out sometime. Anyway here's my thoughts on the demo that I played. I'm pretty into it. I think if more can be added than just finding things as puzzles and a bit extra to do then this would be an awesome short horror experience. My biggest issue is the game abruptly would end after getting the flashlight and heading back. Idk if it's supposed to end that way intentionally or not but I had items I hadn't used yet. Regardless great job overall. I had fun and I appreciate you making it! 

Hey dude I really liked the game, I was very interested in the story, I will play the full game.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

Fun game :). I had the creeps from the very start and the jumpscares were well placed but could be missed easily. Over all the game ran fine and I didn't experience any issues\bugs. I would recommend this game to others . Here is a video I put together that you can check out :).

I had a l lot of fun and little jumpscare playing this game. Good job devs. If you have future games  i definitely play your games. Btw, below's my gameplay.

Aight Aight Aight. I only give honesty here. Its a fine horror game, but there are flaws, and being that i'm trying to help the creator, im going to give shine light on those flaws, so plz don't be mad.

The clichés are intense here man. I like your environment, definitely feels like an original house, but got damn. Ever classic gets thrown at the wall in this one. Crash in the middle of no where. Car EXPLODES, but im perfectly fine. Find abandoned house. Bad guy keeps running away. My main problem is that most of the scares happen outside of my view. I don't know if I look around too much, or if it was a game problem, but i found myself hearing the "BOO" sound every three seconds, but more often then not, I missed whatever was happening. 


-Less Cliches

-Bring the scares to my attention. 

Definitely looking forward to seeing more in the future! It looks like you have a lot to work with, and I was ready to keep on going! Please consider checking out my video for comments and constructive criticism :)

I tried out the demo and i have mixe feelings. I mean it looks good but its like missing something. But overall good. I enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing!

This game was so much fun and gave me quite A LOT of jump scares! Really great work, I definitely need to buy the complete version now- and do another video for it too. ;D


I loved your reactions :D Thanks!

For sure!! Can't wait to play the full game. 😁

A good demo, We had fun testing it.


Thanks you! I watched your full game video too! gg

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really good demo

Thanks for video!

I really liked the vibrant colors of the house. I think you did a good job on the game with the story and the direction. I had fun playing the demo. I loved the intro, it had an unique charm to it. I am curious why this mysterious man is toying with me. I think the biggest hurdle for this game is the lack of a solid hook to make me buy the full game. The ending was quite abrupt and I felt like the story was concluded there. Maybe if you ended the demo at the start of the tunnels showing the player that there this huge area to explore in the full game. Thanks for the demo! I hope to see more from you.

Thanks for the video and commentaries! I loved your sense of humour! It was funny to watch :)

This game was amazing. I really wanted to buy this game but i'm poor lol

Thanks for video! It was really good :)

Played the demo on my channel, was pretty fun and nostalgic :D

Thanks for the video! Setting max volume was really bad idea as it blasted your ears I saw :D

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Thanks for the video!

My Let's Play and feedback for the game is contained below

Thanks for suggestions. I really appreciate it. Good video :)

The end was hilarious! You need to watch this! Great Game!

I loved your commentaries and reactions, but twerk was the best part of the video! :D  Thanks for playing :)

Game has a really nice aesthetic to it and for the most part, it is easy to navigate. Though I will say one of the jumpscare feels cheap. Besides that, the only thing I'd work on is the shadows. Great game though.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Great video and commentaries. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

Very cool. Really liked the level design, it had a unique look which built upon the game's identity. Good exploration/problem-solving aspects, and so far intrigued with why the antagonist seems to be toying with you. Overall it delivers most of what you want out of a demo, and I've added this game to my wishlist on Steam. Look forward to playing more!

Thank you for playing!

Loved the atmosphere.  The jump scares were good and not over the top.

Thanks! Well played!

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cool creeepy

Thanks for playing!

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, the sound effects, visuals, voice acting were all great, the ending was a bit abrupt though I know it's just a demo but wish there was a little more to it, but over all I liked it, looking forward to the full game, good work :)

Thanks for the feedback and video!